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Vacation Board


Go on, we've got it! Everyone deserves a vacation, but horse owners are VERY limited to taking off on a whim.
Manager lives on site, and video surveillance is available.

Our facility offers daily board at 30.00 per day which includes:
*Stall board with turnout (stall cleaning and shavings included)
*SafeChoice feed and Timothy hay
*Daily Grooming
*Bathing if owner is gone more than one week

Or, if owner wishes to supply their own feed/hay:  20.00 per day, with same care as above.

Stallions ARE WELCOME, but at an additional 10.00 per day

Extra services provided:

*Lunging---------------------------------15.00 (20 minutes w/t/c)
*Lunging with side reins-------------20.00(20 minutes w/t/c)
*Hacking--------------------------------20.00(30 minutes walking U/S)
*Schooling U/S-----------------------40.00(head trainer) 30.00 (assistant trainer- up to First Level schooling/2'6 jumping)