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This is  just a heart breaking story to talk about.

The short of it is:

My now ex husband, brought a baby goat home one day, named Joy. She was a darling little Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf doeling.  He may not have worked out, but Joy did. Knowing goats were herd animals, I soon after bought Fiona, a Nigerian Dwarf goat. Joy and I lost FIona a little over a year after a long struggle to figure out a genetic issue.

Both Joy and I became SO depressed over this loss, we both moped... we both ate little. When Joy stopped drinking, I made a decision to find her a new friend, though I was not past my grief either.

I found Mimi, a Pygmy doe and brought her home.

She and Joy sort of butted heads a day or so, and unsure if that match would work, I found to little bucklings (who quickly became wethers). Puffin was a Dwarf Pygmy and Pan was a Nigerian Dwarf.

They certainly did snap Joy out of her grieving, and Puffin would not let me ignore him despite all of my moping and crying every day. Each of these 4 little loves were the most gentle and adoring little creatures I've had in my life. Fiona will always be my little soul mate animal, but these 4 are deep in my heart.

When I moved to Louisiana in 9/2010, I was unable to bring them to the farm I was leasing, and had to find them a home. A lying scum), told me she was a goat rescue and would take and love them. After I moved, I made repeated attempts to contact this woman with  no response. I later learned that she had sold my babies for meat.

It will be a forever painful ache in my soul to have lost these wonderful little loves, but an agony to know what they went through. I do believe in Karma, but that will never ease this tragedy. 

For the most adorable photos: