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Welcome to our 31 acre facility! We offer VERY open and airy stable with 12 x 12  stalls with bars for even more ventilation, 1 fan, with packed floors, stall mats, and pine shavings.

 *Horses fed consistently 2-3 x.

 *Every stall has automatic water or large water bowl and a feed bucket that are routinely cleaned. Water is charted to prevent any health problems.

*Lovely grass turnouts with 3-board fencing and horse fencing and shady trees or loafing sheds. Evening or Day time turn out available with wonderful grass.

*Owner supplied supplements given

*Weekly Bran mash unless owner does not prefer it

*Owner supplied wormer given every other month

*Owner supplied fly spray applied

*Hosing in summer as needed

*Manager lives on site and stalls have surveillance cameras so your horse can be monitored without disturbance.

*Large, shady paddocks for turnout. Or smaller if preferred.

*Hot/Colt water on wash racks.

*20 x 40 m Dressage ring.

*60' privacy panel round pen.

*Also a grass, outdoor jump field, barrels, and cavalettis.

Instruction and training available in Dressage, H/J, C-T.



Full Board Options

A.  300/month - Owner Supplied Feed/hay

B.  450/month - SafeChoice/Timothy hay

C. 575/month - Seminole Compete Safe/Timothy Alfalfa hay

Partial Board - Owner Supplied Feed/Hay 

250/month- Lean-to

Pasture board Single- Owner Supplied Feed/Hay

Paddocks are

1/2 acre------100/month

1 acre---------200/month

HORSES ARE NOT TURNED OUT TOGETHER unless they come IN as a pair due to liability reasons.

Multiple boarding discount available

Outside Trainer-----------------------------$10.00 plus proof of insurance  
(any trainer coming on farm to teach)

Extra services available:

Farrier/Veterinarian Holding fee------------10.00 per 1/2 hour.


Standing Leg Wraps---------------------------15.00

Standing Leg Wraps/Poultice----------------25.00

Cold Hosing------------------------------------15.00 20 minute session.

Wrapping shoe----------------------------------5.00

Wrapping hoof/medicated-------------------20.00

Hauling--------------------------------------------.80 per mile

Lay Over's--------------------------------------20.00 per night

Eye Rehabbing---------------------------------50.00 per day

(Veterinarian supervision). 

Vacation Boarding-----------------------------30.00 per day


Horses MUST be UTD on Coggins and Current Vaccine Certificate from Veterinary of: 

 VEWT., Rhino/Flu, West Nile, Strangles(all within 6 months), and Rabies (current to one year) . 

These vaccines MUST be current within one year or given 2 weeks PRIOR to boarding or laying over at this facility. NO exceptions WHAT SO EVER.


Please call or email for further information.

Mary: 386.279.9256