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These will be more of my heart I will have to sacrifice to be able to pick my life back up. Most places will not let me bring pets and its a heartbreaking situation to be put in.

Izzy is a 5 year old Jack Russell special edition I acquired from a homeless man at a convenience store. I thought he was going to ask for money, which I never give, but will go in and buy them food/water. "No, but please take my puppy... I can't take care of her." And I did. She's a super sweet, super hyper little thing. She adored her kitty, Sierra, that I also left back in Florida, and knew that kitty by name! She'd hunt through the house until she found her, and then lick Sierra like crazy. They always slept together.

Bailey is a 10 year old Jack Russell that was rescued from a hoarders home after friends found the man deceased several days after the fact.

She's a very sweet little girl, but not your typical Jack.. she may chase mice, but runs away from them when she gets close enough to touch one with her mouth!

Teja is the most loving, gentle giant. She's an 8 year old Anatolian Shepherd.

Junior I was talked in to taking from a friend here in Louisiana... and it didn't take a lot of arm twisting. He is a fall 2010 Boarder Collie/Rat Terrier who tries so hard to do whatever you ask, just to hear GOOD BOY!

I love all of these dogs and absolutely hate to think of giving any of them up.

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