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Anyone who has ever had a horse suffer an eye trauma, understands the strain it can put on the owner/persons having to treat an eye every 1-2 hours, around the clock.
Our service offers round the clock care under Veterinarian supervision.
Services included in eye re-hab:

*24 hour care
*Medication around the clock as needed.
*Video surveillance
*Feed/Hay/Shavings/Board included
*Hand Walking (horses are walked 3 times a day routinely because turnout is too risky for eye rubbing, dirt or other debris getting in eye or getting EyeSaver goggle off)
*Schedule Farrier
*Shuttle Service to any preferred Equine Hospital at .80 per mile.

Treating an eye aggressively is SO important for a fully recovery! Even just one "ugh, I'll just skip a couple hours" can COMPLETELY erase ANY medicating you've done for DAYS!
Let our team take over the stress. Having to medicate a very bad eye on my own, I can tell you how much stress that will put on you physically, emotionally, and mentally! I am fortunate to have an assistant where we are able to take shifts.
Please don't lose your mind or your horse's eye.... call us today!